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incorporation of company

Incorporation of company

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What is Limited Company?
A limited company is an independent entity with legal status, investors (shareholders) contribute money, and the chairman runs the company.

Who can set up a limited company?
  • Can only established if you are over 18 years old
  • Malaysian, Foreigner
  • Non-Bankruptcy
  • Create a professional image for your company and increase credibility
  • Independent entity, personal and company assets will be separated
  • It is easier for companies to obtain financing and expand their businesses,
    Let the company get better profits
To set up a company, you need to provide a local and valid business and residential address.

Personal income tax is 30%. You can consider setting up a limited company.
Because corporate income tax is fixed at 24%.
*It is more suitable to set up a limited company when you need financing*

  • Local citizens need to provide IC
  • Non-citizens need passport and visa
How Much?
Need to concern
  • Corporate tax
  • Secretary Fee
  • Nominee Director Fee
  • Audit Fee
  • Tax Agent Fee
  • Account Fee

19 Apr 2024